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Pelvic Elements

We help people of all ages and gender, suffering from pelvic health problems so that they can live their best life!

Is ThisYou? 

• Have pain with Intimacy

•Have been on antibiotics forever for urinary urgency and frequency

•Can't figure out the cause of pelvic pain?

•Told that pain is in your head

•Want to have the best and easy labor and pregnancy

•Want to feel like yourself again after baby

•Worried about diastasis recti or cesarean shelf

•Pooping is just not fun and is painful

•Want to get back to running, jumping, lifting without peeing your pants.

...Then we can help you! 

About Dr.Soni

Bhavti Soni PT DPT PHC

Dr. Soni helps people with pelvic health troubles like pain with sex, urinary and bowel leaking, constipation, prolapse, traumatic childbirth, and nbsp; endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and other, reclaim their health so that they can return to living their life without having to worry about their health. After practicing in New York City with a leading pelvic pain practice, she left for good to open her premier pelvic health practice in NJ. Having experienced the medical system first hand during childbirth and having to go through pelvic physical therapy herself after emergency cesarean, she realized that pelvic health is really underserved with little to no awareness, and now focuses on improving pelvic rehab after cesarean. She is one of the faculties in the Global Interstitial Cystitis Society Annual Conferences and has presented and written articles for the same. She has extensive experience with endometriosis patients and has helped build pelvic PT practices for Pelvic pain surgeons in NYC exclusively for endometriosis patients. Dr. Soni believes in a whole body healing approach and is known by her patients for her mind-body healing methods when it comes to complex pelvic pain.

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We serve people of all ages and gender. Our goal is to not just eliminate you symptoms but to improve and enhance your well-being. 

“I found Dr. Soni through Google and I am SO HAPPY I DID. She is so gifted at what she does. She is very knowledgeable about pelvic floor health and rehab. From our sessions I knew right away she is passionate and very dedicated to her speciality. Dr. Soni is so kind and gentle. She really is able to treat and heal the mind, body and spirit. There are so many things that I am able to do now that I thought I never would be able to after having my traumatic birth experience. I have no pain and discomfort and can exercise just as I used to..."

Not sure if physical therapy is right for you?

We understand that making a decision to choose the right expert for your health can be hard. We love to know our patients before we see them in the clinic and see if we are a right fit for each other. Click the button below to schedule a time to chat with Dr. Soni to address any questions you have about our services, treatment options, cost & availability, etc. 

Need some tips to get relief right now?

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Tips on Pelvic Pain


News & Events

Preparing for Pregnancy Workshop

Register for our interactive workshop to learn what a fit & healthy pregnancy looks like and how you can have one too!

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Labor Prep Class

Our Labor Prep class is different from hospital childbirth class and focuses on tips and techniques to improve chances of vaginal birth and protecting pelvic floor

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Want To Get Relief Faster?


112 Town Center Dr. 

Warren, NJ 07059


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