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Pelvic Physical Therapy for Lichen Sclerosus

It takes on average 5-15 years for patients to be diagnosed with LS!

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Lichen Sclerosis(LS)  can have a range of symptoms and presentations depending on what stage the condition is in, and not everyone will present with same symptoms. In the early stage, there can be nonspecific symptoms and include itch, burning sensation, as well as slight redness and swelling in the periclitoral area. Later on, affected skin becomes fragile and atrophic lesions, fissures and erosions may occur. The classic presentation of LS is the ivory-white patches in the anogenital area which is the area but it might not be present in the earlier stages. 


 LS can often be confused with vulvovaginal atrophy (GSM) and other vulvar conditions and biopsy is helpful to rule in LS. But on the other hand, people can have LS and GSM both in perimenopausal age. 

The first line of treatment and a very crucial one is the use of strong steroid cream in the affected gentalia to stop the progression. And for this reason, I always emphasize seeking a vulvar specialist to all my patients and work closely with them to manage the condition. 

Pelvic Physical Therapy

People with LS can have secondary symptoms such as pain with sex, painful urination, scar tissue, adhesions around clitoral area, constipation, burning in the vulvar area, pelvic nerves irritation causes feeling of numbness or pressure of heaviness in the area. And Pelvic Physical Therapy with someone who has skill and experience treating patients with LS and is trained in intravaginal, intrarectal and myofascial techniques and visceral mobilizations can be very helpful and has proven to be successful.  


"It took me 8 years to be diagnosed and find the right team of providers for lichens sclerosus, it has been an emotional journey and I am glad I have answers now to my symptoms. Dr.Soni has been a beam of light in my journey to refer me to specialist and supporting me and explaining me the reason of all my symptoms. My pelvic health is so much better now than it has been in years! I would recommend her to anyone looking for a pelvic PT for lichens sclerosus." - Jennifer Brown

"I was referred to Pelvic Elements by my dermatologist for Lichens Sclerosus, urinary urgency and pelvic pain.  I had never heard of pelvic floor PT before but Dr.Soni was very patient to answer all my questions and explained me the symptoms and treatment and I feel much better now after few sessions. She also has great bedside manners and would recommend her to anyone looking for help for pelvic floor." - Andrea Wang 

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