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About Us

People We Help


who want to enjoy intimacy with their partner without having to worry about pelvic pain, leaking during intercourse or frequent trips to bathroom, and remain fit and active and live their best life from adolescent through menopause and beyond.


who want to be fit, active and not worry about pelvic pain, leaking, frequent and urgent urination, bowel problems and who are looking for rehab after pelvic surgery like prostatectomy.


who want to be free from constipation, bed wetting, abdominal and pelvic pain and want to learn to use their muscles correctly and move efficiently.

New Moms/Parents

who want to recover to care for their baby and cherish the precious time without having to worry about pain, leaking, abs separation or feeling of pressure/heaviness "down there."

Transgender People

who want to be fit and active and have life free from pelvic pain and other abdominal and pelvic health problems after surgery or otherwise.

Pregnant Women

who want to stay fit and active and have a life free from pelvic health problems. 


Return to the sport you love safely without having to having to worry about harming the body or being prone to injury or worrying about bladder leaking, feeling of heaviness or pressure, pelvic and abdominal pain, managing flare ups from your pelvic condition or rehab after abdomino-pelvic surgery.

Our Story

After practicing in New York City with a leading pelvic pain practice, Dr. Soni left for good to open her premier pelvic health practice in NJ. After experiencing the medical system first hand during childbirth and having to go through pelvic physical therapy herself after giving birth, she realized that pelvic health is really underserved with little to no awareness amongst women, and so she has focus her practice to the serving women perinatally and beyond.


She completed her Bachelors of Physical therapy from esteemed Jawaharlal Nehru University in India and then went on to study Master In exercise & Sports Medicine. She then purses her doctor of physical therapy from EIM Institute in Kentucky where she specialized in pelvic health. Apart from this she has taken numerous pelvic health courses and has been teaching assistance with Herman & Wallace institute which is a leading company to reach pelvic health to all Physical therapists around the world. She also teaches new grads who are interested in pelvic health.

She is a native of New Jersey and is active in developing a pre and post natal program with the local gyms for her community and conducts free workshops on pelvic health at her clinic to educate the community about pelvic health. In her spare time she enjoys painting, biking and baking. She likes impromptu weekend trips where she likes to explore new places with her husband and her son who is 9 months old as of writing this in Sep'19! 

Meet The Team

What Our Patients Have to Say

"Bhavti is a wonderful, professional, and caring physical therapist. I had severe shoulder and back pain, and by following the exercises she laid out for me, my pain was gone within a week! She takes the time to explain what is going on, and even showed me preventative exercises to help prevent other types of pain that I occasionally suffer from. She’s a first class PT, and I would definitely recommend going to her!"

"I was very pleased to have Bhavti Soni as my physical therapist. She's very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I was in pain a lot of the time and she was super encouraging and supportive. Not only my pain went away quickly with her expertise, she really takes the time to work with me and get me back to my active lifestyle. She's very prompt, patient and listens to my experiences. I will definitely recommend this place to others!"

"Bhavti Soni, is an exceptional, first rate practitioner who is dedicated to her clients. With many years of injuries to my body especially my back. Bhavti, focused was not only on developing a protocol appropriate to strengthen my back, but ultimately to determine my body movement patterns that triggered the causes of difficulty...I highly recommend if you have a need for physical therapy, then you should choose Bhavti without hesitation !!!"

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