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Going frequently to bathroom does not mean you have a small bladder...

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

I hear this a lot from people who say something like- oh I go to bathroom like I am pregnant, or I have a small bladder, I go to bathroom frequently! A lot of these people would plan their trips after making sure of the bathroom locations. Traveling long distance on trains would make them anxious. Broadway shows and opera are missed cause of anxiety of getting up in the middle to go to bathroom.

So do all of these people have small bladders? What is really going on here? Here are some fun facts about bladder. It has a capacity of 500-600 ml, equivalent to about 20 oz. So that 12 oz. coffee should not make you rush. A normal bladder should take about 3-5 hours to fill to its capacity after which it will give you an urge to go unless you chug the whole bottle at once. Bladder is a muscle called detrusor muscle which can contract and relax like any other muscle.

It can get in good habit or bad habit and train the way you train it!

I have written tips that would help With urgency and frequency in my report below that can provide you with some immediate relief

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About Dr. Bhavti Soni 

Founder & CEO, Pelvic Health Specialist

Dr. Soni is a pelvic health expert and has been practicing pelvic physical therapy since 12 years and has been a PT since 15 years. She has extensive education in pelvic health and has been  part of expert panels, global conferences and pelvic health courses where she teaches other Pelvic PTs.  She worked in New York City with leading pelvic pain specialists for 4 years before moving to NJ in 2018 to raise a family and started her own premier Pelvic PT practice. She lives with her husband and 3 year old son.

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