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Lyme's and pelvic health

Updated: Oct 21

Although it might seem out of topic to talk about Lyme's in a pelvic health practitioner's blog, Lyme's is responsible for a lot of autoimmune disease and inflammatory conditions and some of them can lead to pelvic health problems. I have seen some patients with crippling back and hip pain for years with Lyme's and there is no research to show the reason. Having seen patients with Lyme's, I decided to educate everyone around me about this crippling disease. October and November are considered peak times for ticks. With the trees turning yellow and red and more foliage on the ground, it becomes easier for ticks to find prey which could be a deer, a human, a raccoon or a pet!

It is said that with the climate change and the temperatures being warmer, it is easier for the ticks to survive and expand its habitat. In recent years, more variety of ticks are being found with the East Asian tick being the latest last year and are considered dangerous.

There are numerous resources on internet on how to avoid tick bites and remove ticks. I have put the links below.




Although there is no research, clinically I see have seen couple of cases with chronic back pain from Lyme's. IT can also cause pelvic pain, urinary and bowel symptoms like urgency and frequency, incontinence, jaw pain among others. Physical Therapy with a specialist is instrumental in managing these symptoms.

If you or your loved ones suffer from musculoskeletal pain and body aches from Lyme's, we might be bale to help you. Call us to find out more.

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